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SItoA update with CryptomatteAuthor: Rachid Hadj Abderrahmane
Rachid makes the latest Arnold Renderer version available to Softimage users via updates/patches of the latest (last?) SItoA release 4.1.0. That includes support for Cryptomatte and the new subsurface scattering method. Since his distribution package does not contain any binary files, the Arnold SDK has to be downloaded and the patches applied manually following the detailed instructions he gives in the si-community thread / his posted walkthough video.

Cryptomatte is becoming an industry standard for ID based object/hierarchy selection in compositing (Nuke/Fusion plugins provided).

Introduced in this si-community thread. Update posted here including a walkthough video: SItoA Update Core 5 0 2 2 & Cryptomatte

New plugins, tools etc.
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SItoA_Update_Core Cryptomatte

Post by rachid » 06 Dec 2017, 15:24

SItoA_Update_Core Cryptomatte.7z
(36.42 KiB) Downloaded 75 times
1- istall SItoA 4.1.0
2- download/unzip Arnold SDK from solidangle
3- Copy the content of the bin folder(Arnold SDK (Override) and paste to C:\Users\XXX\Autodesk\Softimage_2015_R2-SP2\Addons\SItoA\Application\Plugins\bin\nt-x86-64
4- unzip SItoA_Update_Core Cryptomatte.7z
5- Copy/Paste (Override) arnold_shaders.mtd (C:\Users\XXXX\Autodesk\Softimage_2015_R2-SP2\Addons\SItoA\Application\Plugins\bin\nt-x86-64)
6- Copy/Paste (Override) "ArnoldMenu.js" "ArnoldScenePreferences.js" "ArnoldShaderDef.js" (C:\Users\XXX\Autodesk\Softimage_2015_R2-SP2\Addons\SItoA\Application\Plugins)

First download cryptomatte from:
add theses variabeles to your OS:
ARNOLD_PLUGIN_PATH = C:\Cryptomatte\bin
MAYA_CUSTOM_TEMPLATE_PATH = C:\Cryptomatte\aexml
MTOA_TEMPLATES_PATH = C:\Cryptomatte\ae

Copy the content of Cyrptomatte folder to C:\Cryptomatte (ovveride )
You will find Cryptomatte in menu Arnold/Shaders/Cryptomatte and Arnold/Shaders/AOV in Render Tree
Only N,P,Z,ID are supported in multichannel exr, you have to to render cryptomatte in separate Pass
make a new Pass with partition for Cryptomatte give it a name "Crypto" or any name
add cryptomatte shader to the partition
add crypto_object and crypto_material to the list in Scene render Options/Available Channels
click add in render Channels Output, and add the 02 channels crypto_object and crypto_material
For multi-exr
uncheck the first pass_
rename [framebuffer] to "crypto" for both crypto_object and crypto_material

Cryptomatte for Nuke & Fusion

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Re: SItoA_Update_Core Cryptomatte

Post by rray » 06 Dec 2017, 17:38

Very nice thanks again. Looking forward to checking this out.
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Re: SItoA_Update_Core Cryptomatte

Post by rachid » 06 Dec 2017, 19:12

video Instruction here


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