SItoA_Update_Core Cryptomatte V 2.0.0b3

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SItoA update with Cryptomatte 2.0Author: Rachid Hadj Abderrahmane
Updated May 31st 2018 — Rachid makes the latest Arnold Renderer version available to Softimage users via updates/patches of the last SItoA release 4.1.0. That includes support for Cryptomatte, the new subsurface scattering method and the new toon shader from version 5.1. Since his distribution package does not contain any binary files, the Arnold SDK has to be downloaded and the patches applied manually following the detailed instructions he gives in the si-community thread / his posted walkthough video.

Cryptomatte is becoming an industry standard for ID based object/hierarchy selection in compositing (Nuke/Fusion plugins provided).

Introduced in this si-community thread. Latest update posted here. Installation walkthrough video: SItoA Update Core 5 0 2 2 & Cryptomatte. A how-to video on how to use cryptomatte with the latest update can be found here: SItoA Update Core 5 1 1 0

local backup:SItoA_Update_Core_5.1.1.0_&

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SItoA_Update_Core Cryptomatte V 2.0.0b3

Post by rachid » 31 May 2018, 04:15

Here is the update as requested
SItoA_Update_Core Cryptomatte V
1- istall SItoA 4.1.0
2- download/unzip Arnold SDK from solidangle
3- Copy the content of the bin folder(Arnold SDK (Override) and paste to C:\Users\XXX\Autodesk\Softimage_2015_R2-SP2\Addons\SItoA\Application\Plugins\bin\nt-x86-64
4- unzip SItoA_Update_Core Cryptomatte V 2.0.0b3.7z
5- Copy/Paste (Override) arnold_shaders.mtd (C:\Users\XXXX\Autodesk\Softimage_2015_R2-SP2\Addons\SItoA\Application\Plugins\bin\nt-x86-64)
6- Copy/Paste (Override) "ArnoldMenu.js" "ArnoldScenePreferences.js" "ArnoldShaderDef.js" (C:\Users\XXX\Autodesk\Softimage_2015_R2-SP2\Addons\SItoA\Application\Plugins)
No operator nodes
For the toon shader you have to set the contour filter via Script Editor:
Application.SetValue("Passes.Arnold_Render_Options.output_filter", "contour", "")

No need for environment variable, since we copy the Cryptomatte.dll & Cryptomatte.mtd file to bin\nt-x86-64.
If for some reason you want to use Cryptomatte V 2.0.0b2 copy also "ArnoldMenu.js" to Plugins folder

if you are using Cryptomatte V 2.0.0b2
1- make a new Pass with partition for Cryptomatte give it a name "Crypto" or any name
2- add cryptomatte shader to the partition
The Aov are exposed in Scene Render Options/Available Channels

if you are using Cryptomatte V 2.0.0b3
1- make a new Pass with partition for Cryptomatte give it a name "Crypto" or any name
2- Do not apply Crptomatte Shader, if you do you get an error ' ERROR : [sitoa] Can't assign Arnold.cryptomatte.1.0. Passes.Crypto.Crypto doesn't have a material'
assign standard Surface Shader, then you can replace it with cryptomatte
here is a link for a quick video tutorial

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Re: SItoA_Update_Core Cryptomatte V 2.0.0b3

Post by rray » 31 May 2018, 15:10

Nice work! Thanks for this Rachid.
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