Parametric modeling (Closed linear curves for start)

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ICE Curve CreationAuthor: Pedro Cabrera
Pedro Cabrera a.k.a. Pedrito shares this plugin that allows the dynamic creation of curve objects using ICE. Unlike point cloud and polygon mesh creation, curve creation isn't supported natively by ICE. The author works around this by using a vbs scripted operator that reads data written by an ICE tree further down the operator stack.

From here: [..] it allows linear and cubic curves, open and closed, and also subcurves, so »create curves from strands« for example is as easy as plug a »build array from set« of the strandpositions, and a »build array from set« of the strand count [..] These compounds are also provided: PC_Archimedean Spirals: different types of spirals PC_Curve By Nulls: uses a group of transforms to create a curve PC_Loxodrome: creates a loxodrome spiral with parameters PC_Spiral Points: very basic Spiral

local backup:PC_IceCv.xsiaddon   PC_ICeCV_sample.scn (sample scene)

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Re: Parametric modeling (Closed linear curves for start)

Post by mc_axe » 13 Mar 2018, 19:34

Thanx alot @Pedrito will test soon! :D

Edit ** Oh i see there are examples as PC_ compounds i was looking for a .scn file in the rar xD

thx a bounch having fun alrdy :)

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Re: Parametric modeling (Closed linear curves for start)

Post by Pedrito » 13 Mar 2018, 20:36

sorry, the scene is inside de .addon, so it should be where you have installed it, at first I try to upload directly the .addon but the forum says I was not allowed for sequrity reasons, thats why I create a rar , and also those compounds yes :)
Lets see if this tool helps you , hoping see what all these is about and where do you get! :-bd