Finally used Maya and here are my initial thoughts.

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Re: Finally used Maya and here are my initial thoughts.

Post by wesserbro » 19 Feb 2017, 17:56

Mathaeus wrote:
From my understanding, 'use Houdini for characters' here it is more about simulated effects, like new muscle system in H 16 or new FEM features.
Such thing does not coming with Fabric, one has to build entire muscle system, or solver. Maya muscles probably is aged and way more complicated than this new H solution.
Judging from promo video, H16 muscle system is very basic and faaar from impressive. FEM with wrinkles is great, but fem solver itself right now is not very suitable for character tissues (im talking about muscles over bones and skin over muscles; great for belly jiggle though) and i don't think they did something about that in h16.

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