Sycles 1.7 is out for softimage

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Sycles 1.7 is out for softimage

Post by wireframex » 22 Sep 2018, 15:27

- Builded with Cycles ver. 1.9 (commited at 17.09.2018)
- CPU and GPU rendering support
- Allows to render ICE-attributes of polygon meshes with context per-point or per-object
- Renders ICE-instances
- Renders ICE-strands as hairs
- Renders standrad XSI hairs
- Renders all Cycles passes (Combined, Depth, Mist, Normal etc.)
- Renders any volume objects (in particular OpenVDB, emFluid and Explosia FX)
- Saves output rendered images as multi-layer EXR
- Custom light primitives
- Geometry caching system
- OpenColorIO color profilies support with pre-builded Filmic config from Blender 2.79
- Shaderballs previews
- OSL-shaders support
- "How to..." manual with pictures
- HDR Master addon for manipulating by hdr-environments
- Shader packs

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Re: Sycles 1.7 is out for softimage

Post by owei » 23 Sep 2018, 09:13

Awesome! Thanks for sharing ..looking forward to test it!


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Re: Sycles 1.7 is out for softimage

Post by opoppopopp » 26 Sep 2018, 09:03

really start to think use it in production.

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Re: Sycles 1.7 is out for softimage

Post by acidkittens » 27 Sep 2018, 13:10

This is so cool. Thank you :)

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Re: Sycles 1.7 is out for softimage

Post by nicole » 31 Oct 2018, 15:17


i am considering either using Sycles either Mental Ray for my new Solo Feature.

at the moment i find Sycles to have less possibilities than Mental Ray, and to be more difficult less intuitive:

the texture projections seem more limited.(on flat, sphere, box and tube? no uv?)
the tile using vector mapping hard to get working
it seems not possible to project a video clip on a serie of polygons or even the side of a cube, am I wrong?
the transparency interface, the specular tweaking with the phong lambert mat.etc quite more easy of use in Mental Ray

the only positive stuff is the lighting seems softer, and i heard it was rendering faster.

will as well be considering using redshift but its not developed anymore, does that mean i cannot use an old redshift version with Softimage?

i am sorry to come here among you experts,
my way of working and using softimage is really like a classical artist would with oil, not like an engeneer with mathematics.

best regards,

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Re: Sycles 1.7 is out for softimage

Post by Shekn » 31 Oct 2018, 16:50

There are uv's. How to use it - tutorial 24 in the manual ... 18_eng.pdf

For tiling textures use the mapping shader node. It contains parameters for scale, rotation and shifting of the uv coordinates.

Video clips are not supported as textures. As I understand, the same is true for the Cycles in Blender. So, no possibilities to implement it in the Softimage.

Cycles render use PBR principles, which are different from old-school phong and lambert shaders. May be PrincipledBSDF shader looks more complicated, than simple MetalRay shaders, but this is standard for now. Also there are simple shader nodes in Sycles: DiffuseBSDF, GlossyBSDF ans so on, which can be used for simple materials.

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Re: Sycles 1.7 is out for softimage

Post by nicole » 31 Oct 2018, 20:51

it seems PBR Sycles thus too difficult to use for me, and so I'll stick with Mental Ray (?)

fact is by this kind of answer i get to understand what i really need is to meet someone teach me a method offline
about how to deal with such issues such as the use of Nodes in3d.

mostly my problem sums up like this:
my method so far has been to experiment with whatever appeared within the interface of softimage;
now that with ICE and such PBR requiring Nodes,
its become impossible so far to experiment,
since I don't know with any given Node, to what other Node, and with what attribute to connect it with,
so that I can get a result that can be tested by a continuous experimentation.

<< my previous movie

best, regards