Announcing Forester a new plugin from 3DQUAKERS

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ForesterAuthor: 3DQuakers
3DQuakers, one of the few providers of Softimage video training, is proudly presenting its first Softimage plugin: [..] Forester is a procedural creation addon that renders the creation of natural elements like trees, forests, grass and flowers a breeze! With its procedural approach, Forester generates the geometry using ICE, making the creation and editing of elements very straightforward. Forester is not aimed for technical directors, but for artists. No ICE knowloedge is required. In fact, Forester will add all the connections automatically, so the user would only have to change the element parameters. Forester elements come with lots of parameters to render the customization process very fast and intuitive. Almost all geometry come with built-in UVs, called Space UVs, that fit perfectly over the geometry, and render exactly the same way in Mental Ray and Arnold.

Pricing information: Forester v1 is launched with an introductory price of 159 USD, for single machine use. Additional licenses cost 100 USD per machine. Prices are subject to increase after the launch period.

A lot of documentation videos to be found here

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Re: Announcing Forester a new plugin from 3DQUAKERS

Post by bb3d » 25 Jun 2016, 22:38

Thank you for the tip. I tried those compounds, but after fiddling around with them for over an hour without success, I gave Blender a try and found out, that Blender's particle system has a big "Convert" button which does exactly what I want with only one mouseclick. Now I integrated it into the pipeline of my current project, complementing XSI :)