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SItoA 5.2.0Author: Jens Lindgren
Updated Feb 6th 2019 — Steven Caron, Stefano Januzzo and lead author Jens Lindgren just published a new official release of SItoA, the Sofimage to Arnold Plugin.

The list of new and updated features is long and includes Arnold denoiser (noice) (since 5.1.0) Nvidia OptiX denoiser (5.1.0) Adaptive sampling (5.1.0) Progressive rendering (5.1.0) AOV shaders (5.0.1) Cryptomatte (5.2.0) Color managers (5.0.0) OCIO (5.0.0) NPR - Non-physical rendering mode including new toon shader (5.1.0) Stats and profiling (5.1.0)

Many shaders were added or updated, for example car_paint, cell_noise, layer shaders. Find the full list of updates here at the project's github releases page.

The release includes the Linux version of the plugin. For more information and hints on how to use Cryptomatte with Arnold, also see Rachid Hadj Abderrahmane's 5.1.1 release further down on this page

New plugins, tools etc.
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Re: SItoA-5.2.0 Official

Post by Jenus » 22 Mar 2019, 13:36

oldfield wrote:
10 Feb 2019, 00:22
Well, I recently noticed that OpenGL Display PPG of the material does not show up when standard_surface is connected to it. Also standard_surface ppg redraws slowly. Can someone reproduce it?
The OpenGL PPG not showing is a bug. I will fix that if possible or go back to old behavior if it's not possible.
As for the slow drawing, that's just because the standard_shader is HUGE. It has so many PPG items. The Softimage way would be to use tabs in the shader PPG. That might speed things up a bit. I will do a test.
Thanks for finding these!

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Re: SItoA-5.2.0 Official

Post by MKXSI » 22 Mar 2019, 14:50

FXDude wrote:
21 Mar 2019, 18:49

In regards to possible issues, you may also want to post them there :: ... is%3Aissue

In other news, they have just impelemented support for shader "operators"!

Posted an image on Github.