Method to pin a limb to another part

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Method to pin a limb to another part

Post by jacobo » 06 May 2013, 21:32


In a professional rig that I took a look at in SI some time ago, I remember coming across a useful detail where the rigger gave the animator the ability to pin, say, the arm to the hips and chest and even the head in a non-destructive way; that is, if the pertinent param is animated, the arm could be pinned (in place) to the hip, and after the the pin master was changed from the drop down list by the animator, the hand would be left where it was positioned relative to the hip, but now would be pinned to the head.

I'm still at odds as to how this was accomplished without the relevant object snapping to the position of the new master. I'd like to incorporate this feature, if I can, to the rig I'm working on atm, and any pointers, suggestions ideas would be hugely welcome and greatly appreciated.

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Re: Method to pin a limb to another part

Post by Draise » 06 May 2013, 23:28

A pose constraint to certain nulls or control objects with animated weight parameters (on/off)? I do that to pin my limbs to things, or vice versa.