adding additional rotation to bone

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adding additional rotation to bone

Post by jamination » 26 May 2011, 22:12

Is it possible to have a controller, let's say a finger rotation where I can manual rotate the bone, but can also add to the rotation from another slider or controller as an expression (or whatever), all in the one controller (without parenting). I have a rig (that is complete) that I want to add additional controls to the finger rotations while still being able to manual changes rotation.

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Re: adding additional rotation to bone

Post by Mathaeus » 26 May 2011, 23:41

Yes, you just type something like nullA.kine.local.rotz + nullB.kine.local.rotz , or whatever like this.
I've tried this many times for envelope deformers.
But both should be separate objects, not the target itself. Afaik, XSI won't complain about "this.kine.local.rotz + nullB.kine.local.rotz" , but once expression is active, you'll be unable to add keys.
The renderer "turtle" used by this scene, is not currently available. The "turtle" renderer will be used instead.

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Re: adding additional rotation to bone

Post by Pancho » 03 Jun 2011, 20:08

If you do the rig in ICE, it'll be a piece of cake to do this.