Automatic ObjectID Shader

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ObjectID ShaderAuthor: Stefan Minning
Assigns each object a unique Color, can be used to create an ObjectID render pass (to later on separate objects in compositing). Original Maya development, packed for XSI by Nassos Yiannopoulos.

local backup: minObjectID.rar

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Re: Automatic ObjectID Shader

Post by Sosoyan » 14 Jun 2010, 11:27

And what about ObjectID+Coverage with Fusion workflow???

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Re: Automatic ObjectID Shader

Post by rray » 09 Jul 2010, 13:07

Wow cool nice find. Thanks for converting it, should be one of the built in shaders.
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Re: Automatic ObjectID Shader

Post by jerry7 » 11 Jul 2010, 04:00

what is the difference of this shader and object label channel?

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Re: Automatic ObjectID Shader

Post by artmanphil » 29 Oct 2012, 16:20

Simply youse the framebuffer/channel called "object labels" and switch its output file to 32bit exr - worked good for me :)