Autodesk retires Softimage

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Re: Autodesk retires Softimage

Post by Bullit » 11 Mar 2015, 03:08

Thanks for the video.

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Re: Autodesk retires Softimage

Post by edschiffer » 30 Mar 2015, 18:58

I also loved this video.

It clarified a lot to me, like where the hell Maya shows the Global Transforms.... it doesn't.

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Daniel Brassard
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Re: Autodesk retires Softimage

Post by Daniel Brassard » 27 Jan 2016, 18:03

We reached a milestone today, we can no longer purchase stand alone licenses of Softimage.

Farewell, old friend. You will be sorely missed.
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$ifndef "Softimage"
set "Softimage" "true"

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Hirazi Blue
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Re: Autodesk retires Softimage

Post by Hirazi Blue » 27 Jan 2016, 18:45

A sad day indeed... =((

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Re: Autodesk retires Softimage

Post by Rez007 » 28 Jan 2016, 03:20

Yes it is. Well, I still think Autodesk made a mistake in retiring Softimage, which might be evident in people trying other software (i.e. Houdini, Fabric, etc.). Being optimistic, maybe they will realize and decide to bring it back again. I know, near impossible, but I have hope as I am still looking for an Autodesk alternative to ICE and FaceRobot... :)

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Re: Autodesk retires Softimage

Post by Unaided » 28 Jan 2016, 07:45

Here, I think all of us know and belive that Softimage is a powerful 3D animation software, but I say that at this moment no other software exists to replace SI fully. Because TD's profile users, have Houdini as real alternative, but modellers, texture artists or animators, and any user from artistic task no can find other 3D package with power and artist friendly at same time like Softimage.

Relative to AD, is not possible in my opinion, that they come back to life to SI. AD filoshophy is only purchased competitors products and leave falling to dead. Examples there are even his own products, Combustion, Flint, Inferno, Fire... and Flame is on the line since 5 years ago, even in advertising industry.
AD not develop software. AD is a only re-seller company. Evolution of Maya and Softimage before and after its AD acquisition is an evidence.

For me the only one hope is that AD after a few years, after amortize Softimage IP tech, wants put to sell a piece of his dead software and someone company wants purchase it, of course. But surely can't be called Softimage never more.

However AD history says that they never sell, only have acquisitions.

One solace is that Softimage in hands of AD never could have evolution as with Avid or another company. But not only SI, any other tool owner of AD. The only difference (important of course) of had been marked with a EOL is that SI not be able to use future technology, and runs under future OS systems.
By the moment, after three years after Softimage EOL notice, SI still have and is most advanced technically that his competitors still in development (with Houdini exception, that was already ahead from before). Max or Maya living in his particular lethargy 'made in AD'.

If not by AD, I think probably we have been live a new healthy battle between Softimage and Houdini for evolution, as in the past with Softimage (Avid) and Maya (Alias|Wavefront).

From here, 'merci' Autodesk!