Slice to Pieces

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Slice to PiecesAuthor: Constantine Tarasenkov
I'm trying to work with K.I.S.S. principle keeping in head now. This compound is a result of 2 hour full of fun work. Extremely simple and fast.

So what it does it slice geometry with capping in a super fast way because of merge topo array technique. You can dive into the compound and see how it works, there's not so many nodes actually. Accepts arrays on input. It means that we can create a procedural exploding pizza boxes simulator with use of momentum in four steps!

Also included in Constantine's Procedural Topo Pack. See the si-community thread for comments, updates and an illustrated step-by-step instruction.

local backup: Slice to Pieces.rar
Draw Bones Inside MeshAuthor: Constantine Tarasenkov
Inspired by Cesar Saez's Bone Sketching tool. Select desired mesh and click on Animate -> Skeleton -> Draw Bones Inside Mesh menu. You can quickly choose prefix name and color for the chain which will be drawn.

Youtube demo.

local backup: DrawBonesInsideMesh.rar

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Re: Slice to Pieces

Post by danyargici » 05 Nov 2012, 13:25

This looks great, can't wait to try it!

I'm currently looking at ways to dice topology in ICE so this sounds like it's just the ticket! ;)