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Softimage Expert for hire!

Post by Tekano » 13 Jan 2017, 18:40

Easy folks,

currently in between jobs and whilst upskilling to Houdini FX like there is no tomorrow am available to take on all kinds of Softimage work - if there is any left :D

although I am a 3D professional for over 15 years (started with Softimage 3D actually in 1997!) and a 3D Generalist able to take on many different types of work, my strengths are in all kinds of particle, fluids & volume FX simulation, both procedural and animated, pretty much expert level ICE Technical Director.

most recent reel for FX Technical Director work is here

Additionally a more complete body of my creative work can be found here with extra links and details inside

Generally freelance contracts are on site in central London UK but am happy to work remote, I have latest Soft 2015 SP2, 2x Redshift licenses and a small GPU workstation render farm.

Not sure how long I will be free for, but the only work available for the likes of me in London right now is in Houdini FX work, so that is my intended direction. \m/
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Re: Softimage Expert for hire!

Post by mc_axe » 13 Jan 2017, 19:42

Crazy showreel! Good luck!