wispy sprite effect

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wispy sprite effect

Post by Rares » 10 Sep 2015, 21:09

Hello All,

Posted this on the list but including it here to get more eyes on it. I'm tasked with look developing a spirit like creature with soft wispy smoke like characteristics. It's tear shaped and consists of a spherical body and an articulating tail.

Here's the reference:

http://24.media.tumblr.com/3ca8ee434398 ... o6_250.gif

This seems like a simple enough challenge except my ice knowledge is basic. This would be for a non commercial job and I have by friday to come up with a look. I'm currently looking into emFluids (this look is right on), but a native ice or other solution is welcome. The result would probably need to be cached out and rendered with max and mr/vray, although there's a limited 10 softimage render nodes available. I'm working to reverse engineer some of the great work done on the cuddly photonic explosions linked above, only I need t applied in a controlled fashion to an animated character. Thanks in advance for any ideas on what an ice solution would look here.