update emPolygonizer5 (Softimage, MODO, ...)

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update emPolygonizer5 (Softimage, MODO, ...)

Post by Mootzoid » 02 Mar 2015, 19:56

Hey guys,

An update of emPolygonizer5 is available for Softimage, MODO, Maya and as a command line tool.

It is version 5.2 and it comes with a great new feature: PCA Normals :ymparty:

Er, sorry, but what the hell are "PCA Normals"??

Hehe, let's say one could also call them "anti-blobby normals", just check out the five minute long video tutorial below :)
Note that in the tutorial I (obviously!) use Softimage, but the usage and functionality is identical for MODO and Maya.
Just thought I'd mention it in case some unfaithful ex-XSI soul is reading this ;)

If you already have a license or wish to give the demo version a try then simply download and install the latest version from my web site.
Should you wish to purchase or upgrade then please visit my order page or contact me directly.

Long live XSI!

Take care,

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Re: update emPolygonizer5 (Softimage, MODO, ...)

Post by Draise » 02 Mar 2015, 22:25


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Re: update emPolygonizer5 (Softimage, MODO, ...)

Post by FXDude » 03 Mar 2015, 00:00

Indeed, and all these meshed fluid processing and manipulation tools, give more control over look, optimisations, and quality than Realflow and others (!)

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Re: update emPolygonizer5 (Softimage, MODO, ...)

Post by wireframex » 18 Mar 2015, 08:57

I'm in
Thanks Eric :)
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