Help with recreating this hand rig?

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Help with recreating this hand rig?

Post by minilogoguy18 » 26 Dec 2016, 21:21

I found this video on youtube that had an awesome hand control setup. I tried duplicating it using expressions but I wasn't able to quite get the same effect, especially when you see the person in the video rotating on all axis, mine was limited to 1 axis controlling the fingers using expressions. As I'm typing I'm wondering if there are hidden objects being used to control the finger curl and the box's are just parented to these objects but I'm not sure.

Any advise?

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Re: Help with recreating this hand rig?

Post by Mathaeus » 27 Dec 2016, 10:25

On 1:00, when it introduces a local, hand made animation, it appears something that looking like parenting. Driven curling and such, I think this could be described only by expressions, something like
(MyDriver.kine.local.rotz * 0.5)+(MyDriver.kine.local.rotx * 0.5)
used to drive rotations. Perhaps you'll want to set particular value for each bone and finger.
By the way, problem with these 'parametric' setups is a bit robotic style of movement, or precisely, tons of relations, layered relations, switches, are needed to get believable motion. For example, fingers are (usually) rotated gradually, tip and middle bone are rotated before proximal one. Instead of such setup, should not be a big deal to store a set of poses and actions, and deal with all that in Animation Mixer.

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Re: Help with recreating this hand rig?

Post by Draise » 27 Dec 2016, 14:30

Or ICE it with flexible delays.

What a time saver it would be.

But yes, a library of poses would help to a certain degree.