Double transforms on facial weights - Using Gear.

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Double transforms on facial weights - Using Gear.

Post by sirdavid32 » 10 Jul 2016, 06:39

Hello community! I´m facing an odd problem regarding double transforms on the weights
on my character´s face. Currently I´m using gear and the head bone´s hierarchy is like this:

-Face Mesh (Weighted)
-COG_Head_Ctrls_CatchUP <- This is child of the neck on the Gear rig. I needed to add more bones
to the head on the gear rig, so I deleted those bones, created my own and made them child to this "COG_Head_Ctrls_CatchUP"
bone. The head which is totally outside of the entire hierarchy, was weighted to my "head" bone. Once weighted, I sculpted some shapes
and I needed to mirror them. So I duplicated the head, and GATOR the shapes by mirroring them and applying it them to my original head.
Froze Gator operator, renamed all mirrored shapes, and have a complete L+R set of shapes all in the shape manager; works great.

But if I move the Main COG controller on the gear rig, my character´s face is completely offset having double transforms.
Before mirroring the shapes on the new head for Gator´s function to work, the weighted face moved and had double transform on certain
points only.

So I don´t know where to check whether I got extra parameters,?, or I should check something not on it´s own place?
Please help.

Why do I get double transforms on facial weights?

Best regards.