Softimage Alembic Plug-In with Selective Import

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Softimage Alembic PluginAuthor: Ho Chung Nguyen (Autodesk)
Autodesk's OpenSource Softimage Alembic Plugin is ahead of the version shipped with the last release. The added feature of the current release is the ability to import and map individual Alembic objects selectively instead of loading the whole file (see this screenshot). Hans Adrian has made the binaries available on SourceForge. For installation, this should probably overwrite the shipped build under C:Program FilesAutodeskSoftimage 2015Application (in PluginsAbcImportExport.dll, binAbcFramework.dll and the two files in dict) in order to a avoid versioning conflicts.

local backup: Softimage Alembic (Source snapshot for Alembic plugins of all apps)

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Softimage Alembic Plug-In with Selective Import

Post by Hirazi Blue » 05 Jul 2014, 11:31

Most Autodeskians still fail to post interesting new stuff
that concerns the whole Softimage community here as well, mentioning it on the Mailing List only...
Here is a link to Softimage Alembic Plug-In with added selective import feature: ... ic-plugin/

You can choose to import the whole Alembic file or to import only certain objects from the file. You can also choose to target an Alembic object to be imported to an existing object in the scene. There is no change in export mechanism.
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