3 months free access "Digital Tutors"

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Hirazi Blue
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3 months free access "Digital Tutors"

Post by Hirazi Blue » 26 Jun 2016, 09:37

Microsoft offers three months free access to Pluralsight (formerly known as "Digital Tutors"), who still offer lots of Softimage tuts:

Create a Microsoft account.
Sign up for the FREE Visual Studio Dev Essentials program that you can find here:
https://www.visualstudio.com/en-us/prod ... ls-vs.aspx
After you create your account, Click on the “Get Code” under the Pluralsight Tile.

Hat Tip: "derJanosch" over at the German Softimage forum ^:)^

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Re: 3 months free access "Digital Tutors"

Post by Superpositivo » 26 Jun 2016, 11:51

Great! Thank you!

And also it's not so easy finding the exact tutorials in those menus.

So, this link should help.

88 tutorials.

https://app.pluralsight.com/library/sea ... s&x3=tools