Procedural Topo Pack

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Procedural Topo PackAuthor: Constantine Tarasenkov
Updated Feb 2013 Various ICE topology compounds that I made for last months. Fully compatible with SI 2012. After installation they can be found in Context, Interactive and Topology categories of the Tool tab menu.

Contents: Build Array from Set Node (for Softimage 2012), Array to Edge Set, Array to Polygon Set, Array to Sample Set, Array to Vertex Set, Build Array per Edge, Build Array per Point, Build Array per Polygon, Build Array per Sample, Delete Topology, Disconnect Islands, Get Edge Position, Set Edge Position, Get Polygon Position, Set Polygon Position, Polygon Index to CAV, Vertex Index to CAV, Select Polygons Interactive, Slice to Pieces, To per Edge, To per Point, To per Polygon, To per Sample

The recent updates from the si-community thread linked below include: Greeble, Slice on Cubes, Extract Polygon Island, Split Edge Equally

local backup:

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Re: Procedural Topo Pack

Post by Hirazi Blue » 21 Dec 2015, 20:36

If you search for "Procedural Topo Pack" over at, you should find it in the "local backup" still... ;)

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Re: Procedural Topo Pack

Post by Bullit » 23 Dec 2015, 02:34

If you can't find there i have it somewhere.