Align Particles along UV

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Align Particles to UVAuthor: Vincent Ullmann
A compound that aligns particles along the UV coordinates of the underlying emitter.

Video demonstration available here.

Loosely related: Paul Smith aka. pooby's »Vector Flow« themed videos including this, texture instancing shader.

local backup: 120720_Align_to_UV.xsicompound

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Align Particles along UV

Post by Loqy » 22 Jul 2012, 18:28


just another little Compound i made.
i could align your Particles along the UVs of any nearby Mesh.

Here is a little Demo- /Introduction-Video

and here the download-Link: ... sicompound

hope you could have some fun with it

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Re: Align Particles along UV

Post by Boris » 22 Jul 2012, 18:39

it will be useful for those who have a bald spot on her head! :) Thx Man ! :ymhug:
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