Generate Fractal HeightField Compound

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HeightFieldAuthor: Maximus
Displaces geometry using any ICE-readable image format. Includes a curvature-based smoothing option. For usage instructions see inside the compound or the si-community thread linked below.

local backup: HeightField.rar

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Generate Fractal HeightField Compound

Post by Maximus » 29 Apr 2011, 13:09

Hello guys, i've made this little compound, i'm not ICE expert at all, so forgive me if there are some imperfections, so far it works good to me.

It is a Height Field generator based on a custom image you previous create, for example you can use terragen or worldmachine .tiff or .jpg or whatever input image you want to create an Height Field on geometry.

Some things to note:

It works on geometry subdivision, so higher your geometry is, better it will look
When you create your map in photoshop or from some software, be sure to not have really hard gradient variation between white/black, because it'll produce crisp and sharp peeks.
I've added a smooth to correct this, anyway so its not big deal.

How to use:

1) Select your geometry, Get->property->Texture Map (pick the closest to the shape of your geometry) (in the Texture map PPG be sure to put the Repeats U and V to 0 value, or it'll alter the look of the heightfield).

2) Then get->property->weight map

The compound needs those 2 maps to work.
In the Texture Map PPG you need to input your custom image or it'll use the no_icon one :)

3) After you create those 2 maps you're done, open ICE tree, select your geometry -> Create - ICE Tree (not simulate) and connect the compound.

You can also use the "Edit" image in the Texture Map PPG to alter the look, with Brightness and such (ofc is better to do in PS)

Hope you enjoy it, its pretty simple ICE things but i needed and since i've made i've just packed and shared..
Nothing hard!

I've added a texture map in the .rar so you can test it


here is the compound

enjoy, Max
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Re: Generate Fractal HeightField Compound

Post by Ramon » 29 Apr 2011, 18:29

Cool Thanks!

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Re: Generate Fractal HeightField Compound

Post by Rork » 30 Apr 2011, 10:35

Nice one!

It reminded me of this one:

Nice to see people get creative in ICE and come up with tools like this.

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Re: Generate Fractal HeightField Compound

Post by Memag » 30 Apr 2011, 13:27

Thanks Max.

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Re: Generate Fractal HeightField Compound

Post by gaboraa » 04 Jul 2011, 10:09

Awesome, thanks!

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Re: Generate Fractal HeightField Compound

Post by Chris_TC » 28 Jul 2011, 00:26

Thank you for this compound, it is very handy! It's quite fast and works flawlessly with at least 16 million triangles. (vertical stepping is due to an 8-bit height map)