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Programming Board Read First!

Post by EricTRocks » 12 Jul 2012, 02:46

This post outlines some guidelines for posting on this board.

- Users shouldn't use this board for tool requests. This board is specifically for questions for programming / scripting inside Softimage for Python, JScript, VBScript, and C++.
- Questions should be in line with "Why isn't this script working?" and "Why is this command not returning the correct objects?"
- Questions about whether tools exist already are fine, though vague questions of whether it is possible to mimic this in Softimage are discouraged.
- If asking about how to script something or if a script isn't working, you MUST post the relevant code that is failing with any supporting code to replicate the problem.

For tool requests please post to the Cooperation & Jobs forum.

This will be updated as needed.
Eric Thivierge
Lead Kraken Developer, Fabric Engine