which cloth simulator?

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Hirazi Blue
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which cloth simulator?

Post by Hirazi Blue » 12 Sep 2015, 16:35

The task at hand is simulating a simple tunic as it adapts to the movements of a knight wearing it. Easy enough, probably even for me, inexperienced with cloth simulations as I am, but which cloth solution should I try to achieve this simple goal? XSI legacy cloth, vanilla Syflex or Syflex on ICE? Are there marked differences between vanilla Syflex and Syflex on ICE that I should consider before choosing one or the other? And are there still good reasons to use XSI legacy cloth?

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Re: which cloth simulator?

Post by rray » 12 Sep 2015, 18:22

I vote for ICE Syflex (which has an menu-only-workflow even)
Is vanilla syflex still included in the latest version? Just looked and couldn't find it anymore.
About the old cloth deformer I don't know much, last time I tried (several years ago) I found it's slower than syflex.
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Re: which cloth simulator?

Post by Pooby » 12 Sep 2015, 20:44

Original syflex is superior to the ice version, unfortunately. Both in features but more crucially the quality of solve. Pin and mimic work in a much more sophisticated way in the original and the ability to rescale is very useful too.

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Re: which cloth simulator?

Post by anhungxadieu » 13 Sep 2015, 09:00

+1 for original syflex