XSI Feathers - The old way.

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XSI Feathers - The old way.

Post by sirdavid32 » 05 Apr 2010, 20:58

Hi, I´ve been working with only one instance of feather to create the hair_feathers.jpg. The ppg of the hair has a drop down option to recognize a tangency map as well as a weight map to distribute and align feathers. I would like to create 2 weight maps to "make grow" certain feathers in an organized manner. Right now they are randomly distributed in the grid. I´d would like to ask if anyone has tried a method to organize feathers in a better way (sort of scales: one over another)?


I tried the same "random distribution" idea over ICE. So there´s some of the ice tree. I don´t know how to make the particles follow the object (rather, stick to the object). If you take notice when the particles are randomly distributed they place on top of each other too many times. I know there must be a way to control that. Could anyone lend me a hand with suggested Ice Nodes?


I´ve seen other 3d packages solve this almost the same way with hair instances but I don´t know if anyone has actually solved this in XSI? for example, Feathers have a spring force to make them shake and stand from its strand. That would´t be possible with hair...so has anyone tried these approaches when creating a feathered body?

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Re: XSI Feathers - The old way.

Post by Qwesto » 01 May 2010, 00:47

Nice alternative, just in case :)