Help Creating Moss?

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Help Creating Moss?

Post by alkimia » 19 Apr 2013, 07:14

Hi everybody,

I'm Doing a bonsai tree for a mini video , and I'm stock with how can I create a realistic moss like the ones you see in a bonasai pot , I trying to make it very good quality because Im think to make a close-up of the tree , im trying to go for any of this types of moss : ... 0x1600.jpg ... arpet3.jpg ... 0x1200.jpg

I have tried with hair but what im getting is not even closed ,its just looking like grass, this is the first time i tried to do moss so its been kind of hard so if somebody had any tips in how to deal with this little task and can help me or point me in the right direction, it would be really appreciated

Thank you in advance .

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Re: Help Creating Moss?

Post by Draise » 19 Apr 2013, 09:51

Maybe with a scattered repeated and randomized instances of a varied sorty of textured moss mini leaflet/plants? You can make like 3 or 5 and use the ICE scatter tool in rray's collection (free) and viola! Scatter a random sprinkle with varied sizes and rotation over a surface for a funky effect. You can also probably make low-poly instances with some good translucent textures for a cool effect instead of dense poly models, save on the computing power, maybe some play with displacement or bump also.

Just an idea, I haven't done it, but this is how I would attack your issue.

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Re: Help Creating Moss?

Post by Helli » 24 Apr 2013, 00:33

Model 1 piece, then use strands emitting over the surface (there are compounds for that imho) and than use the self.stranddeform = true to instanciate and deform your geometry along strands.

With some different models I think this will let you get quite close.

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Re: Help Creating Moss?

Post by alkimia » 29 Apr 2013, 05:21

I gonna give a try to both Ideas and see how it goes,
thank you very much guys