hair rendering over multiple computers, not the same!

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hair rendering over multiple computers, not the same!

Post by mirkoj » 24 Oct 2009, 12:41

Hey people.
I'm having frustrating problem with hair rendering.
Sending it render over deadline and each comp gets chunks of frames for example 10 to render, then pickup next 10 etc.
After rendering all frames rendered by one comp are at one position and other comps got them slightly moved. Hair are not on the same position and there is small pop every few frames.
First time that happened there wasn't dynamic operator at all.
Then I've added dynamics and cached whole scene and same thing happened again.
Lately what I had to do is to optimizes hair as much as possible and render on one comp only (1500frames!!)

Now, anyone have any idea what could be wrong there?
Thank you!

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Re: hair rendering over multiple computers, not the same!

Post by Cacoman » 02 Aug 2010, 23:16

After you cache the hair simulation file. Make sure the in the cache options into the hair dynamics operator that "read only" is active. Then copy all the caché files to each one of your machines.

If you are using network rendering, make sure that they are all pointing to the correct folder to read the caché files.

Also if you are not using dynamics. Freeze the hair. If you were styling without the Inmmediate option off there are a lot of modeling operators into the modeling stack.

Hope this helps.
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