crowdFx with quadreped and uneven terrain

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crowdFx with quadreped and uneven terrain

Post by shalabology » 17 Jan 2013, 12:43

well , my trouble is not having qudreped actor into crowd but it is how to make the horses(for example) to follow the ground WITH BODY ORIENTING PROPERLY , as crowdFX does a great job to stick the feet
to ground no doubt with that
so to explain more: horses follow ground well but i cant make their bodies bend while climbing up the hill it just stay straight
so any ideas?

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Re: crowdFx with quadreped and uneven terrain

Post by grahamef » 17 Jan 2013, 23:07

This could be quite tricky, depending on your familiarity with ICE and math in general. Effectively, what you need to do is build your own custom crowd constraint, along the lines of Crowd Lock Feet Constraint or Crowd Legs on Ground Constraint.

What your constrain needs to do is limit how high/low the shoulder and/or pelvis can be off the ground. It should be applied before the Crowd Legs on Ground Constraint so that the feet are adjusted after.

Take a look inside the supplied crowd constraints work to get a feeling for how they work. Good luck!