Caching a Syflex cloth simulation for Renderfarm

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Caching a Syflex cloth simulation for Renderfarm

Post by Draise » 29 Oct 2012, 19:26

Hi there, I'm new to these forums and relatively new to Softimage. Currently I'm working on a television series done in Softimage for the past year or so, for kids. ;;)

I have a number of characters with Syflex simulations (dress, flower petals, etc), but I have had some trouble with the renderfarm. Some shots, with some simulations, render with vibrations, as if each node has a different cloth simulation. The final result is terrible.

Other scenes are fine, I somehow have the cache recorded and set ok: the *.scntoc referenced to the network, and the simulations also referenced to the network and they work fine. I am not sure what I have done to make it work, as the workflow and checklist before sending the shot to render is the same.

The corrupt simulations, I am having trouble fixing. What am I doing wrong?

What do I need to include in the checklist?

Or, what other techniques for cloth simulations with ICE Syflex to simulate and render correctly over render farms? :-\

My checklist runs as follows:

-Set simulation beginning to the negative frame (-10 frame)
-Rename the simulation root model to the appropriate scene (avoid conflicting simulations)
-Simulate with a Cache Frame node (Write Cache)


-Change simulation to Read Cache
-Refer the *.scntoc and textures and simulations to the network
-Save scene
-Tun *.bat script calling the renderer and scene from the server to then render frames back to the server

Am I missing a step? Or are there too many steps?

What do I need to do to cache the simulation clearly for a renderfarm and specific rendernodes without having each node re-simulate the cloth??

Thanks in advance, and I hope to later contribute to these forums!

Have a nice day.

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Re: Caching a Syflex cloth simulation for Renderfarm

Post by Helli » 20 Nov 2012, 15:29

If the impelmented syflex caching wont work you could use the cache manager and just cache out pc2 files which u load on a freezed copy of the simulated mesh which u render instead.