Momentum (free) motion blur problem

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Momentum (free) motion blur problem

Post by Maximus » 17 Apr 2011, 16:37

Hello guys, i have a problem i cant figure out.
I'm using the old Momentum version, the free one, and i cant have the motion blur happens in the scene.
I have just a ball falling into the default grid, rised up the gravity to have it gain speed, set the render region option to use current pass options so i can control everything from render manager.

I activate the pass motion blur in render manager and nothing happens, rise the speed even to 10 and nothing happens.
The only sample scene i've found motion blur working is the letters one "04_letters_ICE.scn" is the name.

anyone can help? had this issue? i dont get what i'm doing wrong.

Thank you

using softimage 2011 x64

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Hirazi Blue
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Re: Momentum (free) motion blur problem

Post by Hirazi Blue » 17 Apr 2011, 16:50

The only reference I found to StudioNest Momentum and Motion Blur
was this thread over at the Mailing List,
where mr. Mathee states that you'd have to use "Momentum Plot" for that.
(But I have no idea if that actually helps, as I do not use SN Momentum)