Syflex feature (XSI & Maya) ?

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eternal art
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Syflex feature (XSI & Maya) ?

Post by eternal art » 29 Dec 2010, 13:28

Is there anybody have an experience in Syflex in Both Maya and XSI can tell me what's feature in (Syflex.Maya) is missing in XSI ?

I contact a syflex owner about this and ask him after i heard a lot of buzz about XSI Plugin is not up to date :

Me :
We are using softimage 2011 and syflex as the main tool in our pipeline and we hear that a lots of syflex features are missing in softimage compared to the maya syflex plugin (we don't have an experience in syflex maya) .

So i'm just wondering why we don't have those feature , why they are not integrated it in softimage plugin ?
What is the kind of agreement between syflex and softimage in development and update ?

How we can get the latest update to the syflex plugin in softimage ? can we buy it as a seperate plugin with full feature ?

We need to know all those detail , i need to hear something from you as the owner of the plugin .


Gerard Banel , Syflex LLC:

We try to have almost the same features in both softwares.
The internal simulation engine is exactly the same.
Sometimes we "try" a new functionality in one software. If this functionality works well and users are happy with it, then we port it to the other platforms. Some features that we added in Maya did not work well enough to be ported to XSI.
Sometimes a functionality that is easy for one platform, is very difficult to port on the other.

Let me know which functionality you are missing. Maybe we missed one, maybe it is one of the functionalities that we will port soon.

In the next release of XSI we will add Syflex in ICE.

Kind regards,
Gerard Banel
Syflex LLC

3D Supervisor - Production House .

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Re: Syflex feature (XSI & Maya) ?

Post by Ahmidou » 30 Dec 2010, 00:21

SyHair is missing from the softimage plugin, it's used to make dynamic curves, but I don't know how efficient it is.
The simulator from Melena, or the next Momentum plugin may be an alternative as well as Verlet integration.


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Re: Syflex feature (XSI & Maya) ?

Post by Helli » 10 Feb 2011, 11:24

Syflex for ICE is going to be great.

For ropes you will not need it. Momentum 2.0 is perfect for this type of tasks.