Embedding media with the new "media" tags

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Embedding media with the new "media" tags

Post by rray » 10 Sep 2017, 17:34

Another few years have passed and some of our bbcode tags went out of commission in favor of the new "media" and "mediafile" tags. In particular, the tags "video", "twitter", "vim", "vimeo" and "youtube" are now not supported anymore ("vim", "video" and "youtube" were deprecated already after being replaced by "video"). All old posts have been (auto-)edited to replace the old with the new tags.

"Mediaembed" is phpbb's official media extension for phpbb 3.2.1, is actively developed and supports responsive layouts and css styling of its video players.

usage: on the posting page, surround the URL with either one of the following:

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  • mediafile is a bbcode tag for embedding (html5) players for direct links to files such as mp3, mp4, webm, ogg, flac
  • media is a tag for embedding 3rd party website content, and currently supports these sites:
    ABC News, Amazon Product, audioBoom, Audiomack, Bandcamp, BBC News, Blab, Bleacher Report videos, Break, Brightcove, CBS News Video, CNBC, CNN, CNNMoney, CollegeHumor, Comedy Central, Coub, Dailymotion, Democracy Now!, dumpert, 8tracks, ESPN, Facebook, Flickr, FORA.tv, Fox News, Funny or Die, Gamespot, GameTrailers, Getty Images, Gfycat, Gifs.com, GitHub Gist (via custom iframe), Global News, GoFundMe, Google Drive, Google+, Google Sheets, Healthguru, Hudl, Hulu, HumorTV, IGN, IMDb, Imgur, Indiegogo, Instagram, Internet Archive, İzlesene, JW Platform, Kontinental Hockey League (КХЛ), Kickstarter, Kiss Video, Libsyn, LiveCap, LiveLeak, Livestream, Mail.Ru, Medium, Metacafe, Mixcloud, MLB, MRCTV, MSNBC, National Geographic Channel, National Geographic Video, NBC News, NBC Sports, NHL Videos and Highlights, NPR, The New York Times Video, Oddshot, Pastebin, Pinterest, Plays.tv, Podbean, Prezi, Reddit threads and comments, Rutube, Scribd, SlideShare, SoundCloud, Sportsnet, Spotify, Steam store, Stitcher, Straw Poll, Streamable, Team Coco, TED Talks, The Atlantic Video, The Guardian, The Onion, TinyPic videos, TMZ, Trailer Addict, Tumblr, Twitch, Twitter, Ustream, VBOX7, Veoh, VEVO, Viagame, Video Detective, Videomega, vidme, Vimeo (use 'video' tag), Vine, VK, Vocaroo, Vox, Washington Post Video, WorldStarHipHop, The Wall Street Journal Online, XboxClips, Xbox DVR, Yahoo! Screen, Youku, YouTube (use 'video' tag!), Zippyshare audio files

    Same restriction as the previous video tags applies:
    Hirazi Blue wrote:
    16 Jan 2014, 16:40
    There is only one limitation (isn’t there always?):
    Vimeo URLs should link to the video directly, links with “groups” in them are not supported.
    You can remove the group part like this https://vimeo.com/groups/ice/videos/218597363 -> https://vimeo.com/218597363 because the id stays the same
usage examples:

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Directly posting the url works too for embedding, example: 

if you just want a link, you'll have to use the url tag: