New: Unified "video" bbcode/tag

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New: Unified "video" bbcode/tag

Post by Hirazi Blue » 16 Jan 2014, 16:40

Now that we finally gotten most of you to understand and work with our excentric video embedding, it seems appropriate to introduce yet another new bbcode/tag. So here goes: both the vim and the youtube bbcode are considered deprecated (they still work, but they don't show up in the editor anymore), while we introduce a grand unified video bbcode that works the same for Youtube and Vimeo. It has the following syntax:

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 [video]full URL[/video]
And takes the full URL, no more messing about with IDs anymore.
There is only one limitation (isn’t there always?):
Vimeo URLs should link to the video directly, links with “groups” in them are not supported.