file cache blend weirdness

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file cache blend weirdness

Post by druitre » 15 Nov 2016, 14:46

Hi, I'm having a lot of problems blending/mixing cached deformations, either in the animation mixer or in ICE using cache on file nodes. Whenever I change any property (frame in/time/frame out) I lose ability to set weight (whatever value I set, it always plays at value 1) and transitions simply don't happen - any type of transition (cardinal/standard), with or without me manually setting weightcurves, I get popping when the second layer starts and no transition at all when not overlapping. It's like the mixer doesn't respond to my input.

I don't recall having this problem before. Can anyone confirm cached files mixing in 2015 SP2 is working properly? Or show me if I'm doing something wrong/overseeing something?

[edit] - ooh, I see in ICE with cache on file nodes it does work - so it's the animation mixer only. If necessary I guess I'll manage to do my job in ICE but it won't be as easy. Still curious about the animation mixer.