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Post by curly » 02 Feb 2012, 15:18

What do you think of this?


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Hirazi Blue
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Re: Kinemocap

Post by Hirazi Blue » 02 Feb 2012, 19:59

Well, Softimage's Mark Schoennagel was obviously thrilled by it, judging from the first minutes of this youtube presentation. Other than that, there was a thread in the Mailing List that could help you form an opinion. Our own thread on the subject didn't get past the typical announcement stage, sadly.

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Re: Kinemocap

Post by Firebird » 03 Feb 2012, 12:20

I used the Kinect once for a project but I used Motionbuilder and the Brekel kinect freeware
So I didn't use the Softimage plugin.

Its fun to play with and you might get a few motions out which you can use but its still too limited. (maybe if they manage to use more than one kinect synced it could become a poor mans mocap system)

I was able to pull out arm motions(picking up a cup) or 2-3 steps as a base for a walkcycle but I had to use a ton of clean up filters and keyframing to get anything out.

Also I mixed different mocaps. Once the arm worked but feet where slipping etc.

It was for that project still a big timesaver as I had to animate 10 background chars with subtile motion so it was mostly used to give standing People a bit of "standing" motion :)