How to cut into many pieces (3d print)?

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Re: How to cut into many pieces (3d print)?

Post by rray » 19 Jun 2017, 20:47

Mathaeus wrote: This seems to be a way stronger than VDB, in Houdini or else. When looking at these cuts, without any visible 'voxelizing' artifacts, I'm feeling jealous :). So, zBrush is winner...
In the boolean race, looks like it.
Seems also very stable, passes my boolean test fine (intersection soccerball and slightly rotated soccerball)
It does triangulate everything around the cut lines, so feature wise an ngon option would be nice. But can fixed with a filter polygons 0.1 degree.
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Re: How to cut into many pieces (3d print)?

Post by Draise » 06 Sep 2017, 16:04

Stumbled upon a new addon built for Blender for high density meshes. Looks promising, if not functional.

Blog Post

And here on Github is the system built off something called "Cork"