Time-Offset Alembic Instances?

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El Burritoh
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Time-Offset Alembic Instances?

Post by El Burritoh » 17 Nov 2015, 16:07

I was messing around with the Alembic loader... What I wanted to do was to use a single Alembic loader to load the data, but then use that data to populate multiple polymeshes with the same thing (like instances), but with a time offset for each one. However, the time sampling is on the root loader, and I'm not sure how best to decouple that and drive local time offsets for each instance. I'm guessing I'd have to create a custom Alembic loader node for starters... Has anyone done anything with time-offset instantiated Alembic files?
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Re: Time-Offset Alembic Instances?

Post by EricTRocks » 17 Nov 2015, 23:21

If you dive into the Alembic Loader compound you'll find there is a ReadSample node which takes a time input. You can just copy and paste this node as needed to get the mesh data at that time sample. You'll probably be able to set point positions on the instances from that pulled data. Haven't tested but I think that is where I would start.
Eric Thivierge
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