MAXON FMX 2015 Presentations

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MAXON FMX 2015 Presentations

Post by MauricioPC » 07 May 2015, 13:43

Some great presentations from MAXON at FMX 2015 are online.

I've just watched our forum friend 'noseman' talking and showing Houdini Engine and the one about Arnold in C4D. Both great presentations.

Just a heads up, the Houdini presentations has only audio for the first 13 minutes or so, but after that the videos goes through. Thanassis showed the Engine workflow and I must say is quite cool. Now studios (C4D, later Modo) can have a Houdini TD that will create the tools for the artists to use inside Cinema 4D. It seemed mostly stable for a ongoing dev project.

As for Arnold ... that's a very fast render. On the end, Marcos (Solid Angle CEO) said that they'll create a shop where they'll sell node locked licenses of Arnold for freelancers for, if I understood it correctly, 40% off.

-- EDIT --

The channel at livestream was deleted (don't know why).

-- EDIT --

And the channel is back up!

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