Animation Nodes Getting Really cool

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Animation Nodes Getting Really cool

Post by NNois » 07 Sep 2016, 10:32

Anyone give that a shoot in production? seems that's answering the "ICE is too complex" thing...
Last time checked Animation nodes worked great but performance fall a little quickly...

Any thoughts versus the Fabric Engine "Blocks", do the blocks are very high level nodes like that ?

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Re: Animation Nodes Getting Really cool

Post by Mathaeus » 07 Sep 2016, 11:52

Yeah, for example ''offset vector data" thing is looking like FE blocks, basically context (or H class) independent thing, it just process the array or something else whatever is supplied. I didn't played with any of two , yet, have some more interesting :D things to do, why Maya creates duplicates with this or that operation even I didn't asked or expected, and such... beauties, hehehe......