XSI-style Explorer Filtering for the Item Lists

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XSI-style Explorer Filtering for the Item Lists

Post by El Burritoh » 03 Sep 2014, 03:36

Here's a config that will set custom keyboard shortcuts for specific viewport types. It's designed to emulate XSI's ability to let you press a number key while over an Explorer view to change what kind of entity you're looking at (Scene, Passes, Materials, Clips...).

By dropping the attached config in your User Config directory, hovering over list-type viewports and pressing one of these keys will switch that viewport to the target one.

A: Audio List
C: Channels List
D: Deformers List
G: Groups List
I: Info and Statistics
O: Clips List
R: Shader Tree
S: Item List
V: Vertex Map List
X: References List

CAUTION! If you use this while over a list viewport that is nested inside a Tabbed Viewport, the entire Tabbed Viewport will be replaced, not just the tab you're on! This is a limitation I can't resolve, but I figured it was worth sharing the functionality anyway, in case you can put it to good use. It's not too hard to configure your UI to get around this so that it's not a problem, but you then need to commit the list above to memory...
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