Allan McKay Free 5h Scripting Series (only until Christmas)

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Allan McKay Free 5h Scripting Series (only until Christmas)

Post by MauricioPC » 21 Dec 2014, 11:44

Allan McKay is sharing a 5h free scripting series on developing tools as a FX TD Lead for 3ds Max. This training will only be available until Christmas.

I had only watched the first video so far, and I must say it's great. In the first one, Allan talks about the work he had to do for the Destiny CG intro. In that, at the end, there's a scene with lots of rain in it. Allan says the work was commissioned for a studio known for their fluids work, but that the end result was not they were after. So Allan had to redo the FX in a matter of days with PFlow, developing and creating a system/tool that he could pass to the other artists. He shows the work, the tool and how he developed. Highly recommended.

Allan McKay wrote:Although the final cut is much shorter, one of the coolest areas of the project was that there was a massive amount of rain at the end of the cinematic, we had originally outsourced this however the effects didn’t quite fit what we were after, I developed some pretty awesome tools to generate rain both interacting with the environment as well as with the characters to rebuild all of the rain shots from scratch in just a matter of days, the challenge was creating misty rain elements, dripping and splashes and an effective way to mesh out tens of millions of droplets of rain and render fast. I did all of this within 3DS Max, the entire rain system was built in MaxScript and relied primarily on many of Max’s built-in software and worked very effectively.