Sycles 1.7 is out for softimage

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Re: Sycles 1.7 is out for softimage

Post by wireframex » 08 Jan 2019, 19:40

Nolan wrote:
05 Jan 2019, 23:41
Version 1.5 of the Cycles Encyclopedia has been released. The ebook now covers all features of Cycles up until Blender 2.79b and spans more than 300 pages in A4.

The Cycles Encyclopedia is an in-depth book covering all nodes and settings of the Cycles render engine. It's a professional documentation project by the Blender experts Frederik Steinmetz & Gottfried Hofmann, both Blender Foundation Certified Trainers.

Detailed explanation of every node and setting in Cycles
Graphics and drawings explaining how the nodes work internally
Pre-rendered comparisons of node settings
Bonus chapters on render performance, camera settings and Python snippets to use with Cycles
Find out how a path tracer works internally and how to use that knowledge to your advantage
eBook in PDF format (319 pages A4) - compatible with most e-reader devices, smartphones and tablets.
More than 300 figures and images
Available in both English and German
Blender version: 2.79b

50% of the price go to the Blender Institute to fund further development of Cycles and Blender when ordered via the e-store.
Lifetime free updates - subscribe to our newsletter to get notified of each update.
Thanks a lot --> ordered :)
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