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Sycles 1.7Author: Shekn @si-community
V 1.7.5 released Mar 2019 with support for volumetric rendering and motion blur — This is the Softimage integration of Blender's Cycles renderer. It includes the renderer itself (Vers. 1.9), so no additional installation will be necessary.

This is a full renderer integration including support for: ICE instances ICE strands (rendered as hair) ICE attributes in per-point (e.g vertex colors) and per-object data contexts Substance PBR support Multi-layer EXR output support Render Region suppopdfrt bump, normal maps, depth-of-field, SSS, hair shading, ... Cycles passes support (Combined, Depth, Mist, Normal, ...) Object ID passescustom light primitives geometry caching system full manual Lots of Cycles specific custom render tree nodes

For more information, full documentation and a list of the available Cycles nodes see the download page linked below. Local backup was removed because the plugin is updated frequently.

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Re: Cycles for Softimage

Post by rray » 07 Mar 2019, 16:37

Thanks for checking. I think that's it, the sphere/box primitive takes the material from one of the pointclouds (probably first it finds) then is used again in the second pointclouds even if that one has a different material.

What would be cool too (if possible) if the cycObjectInfo would work with point cloud instances (for example for giving access to a random color per instance).
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