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Sycles 1.5Author: Shekn @si-community
V 1.5 released Nov 2017 with GPU support, XSI standard hair rendering, denoising and more (see si-community thread) — This is the Softimage integration of Blender's Cycles renderer. It includes the renderer itself (Vers. 1.8.1 as of Blender 2.79), so no additional installation will be necessary.

This is a full renderer integration including support for: ICE instancesICE strands (rendered as hair)ICE attributes in per-point (e.g vertex colors) and per-object data contextsSubstance PBR supportMulti-layer EXR output supportRender Region suppopdfrtbump, normal maps, depth-of-field, SSS, hair shading, ...Cycles passes support (Combined, Depth, Mist, Normal, ...)Object ID passescustom light primitivesgeometry caching systemfull manualLots of Cycles specific custom render tree nodes

Limitations of version 1.4: Does not render volumetric data (such as smoke, fire etc.) and motion blur

For more information, full documentation and a list of the available Cycles nodes, see the download page linked below. V1.4 requires the Windows "Fall Creator's Update" and/or the Cuda Tookit installed for some hardware configurations.

local backup:Sycles_1.5.xsiaddon

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Re: Cycles for Softimage

Post by Draise » 24 Jun 2018, 05:29

Hey that's neat.

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Re: Cycles for Softimage

Post by benoit81 » 03 Jul 2018, 10:04

Do you plan to make Cycles for Softimage compatible with rendermap ?
Bay the way, thank you very much for this addition to Softimage : Cycles is very powerfull, and it's a step forward to move to blender :-)

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Re: Cycles for Softimage

Post by Shekn » 04 Jul 2018, 07:10

The answer to the question - no. It's because I don't know how to do this. This is the main reason.