Si-community for all ?

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Si-community for all ?

Post by julca » 11 Oct 2016, 17:25


I would like to share a plug-in that has not made for XSI (but that is largely inspired ;) ).
I don't know if I may post this tool (news + files) on this fantastic forum (which is familiar to me for years) or on another forum more directly concerned.

So the question can be more than just about post one particular "stranger" tool, but about the feeling/orientation of this website.

Can it become a wesbite more "multi app" oriented (with always stronger's Softimage subjects of course) ?
Or can it become "just" an xsi forum with "only" news about cg industry and tips on others apps ?

I understand that this can be subtil but have the felling that things need to be clarified.

To come back to my concrete example (Houdini plug-in) :
- Does I post my news + plug-in file on odForce-forum (clearly Houdini oriented) and "just" make a news here [-( ?
- Or does I post my news + plug-in file here and just make a news on odForce-forum :ymdaydream: ?


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Re: Si-community for all ?

Post by rray » 11 Oct 2016, 19:01

Hi julca,

About the direction this site will take or whether it should be steered in a particular direction I have no idea. It's ultimately the Admin's decision. Personally I like having an XSI only place to visit without having to filter out information not relevant (atm) to me - no matter how little is left.

Then again if it's somehow related to XSI I'd say it belongs in here, even if it's Houdini-only but something that a few XSI users would miss when using Houdini :)

So whether to as news or download, if you'd like to have an "official" download post, I lean slightly towards news here, download at odforce. But I think no one would mind an "additional" download here as well ;).

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Re: Si-community for all ?

Post by Hirazi Blue » 11 Oct 2016, 19:46

I see no reason why you couldn't post it here... :ymhug:

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Re: Si-community for all ?

Post by julca » 11 Oct 2016, 21:07

I will of course post at least the news here but that's the question to chose a "hub" to put plug-in files and an eventual versionning ?

I right understand your point of view and have no problem to put download at odforce (When their forum will work again because actually it seems down.. :-s ).

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Re: Si-community for all ?

Post by Rork » 13 Oct 2016, 10:48


I can imagine you post news about Houdini plugins on a site like Odforce, or the SideFX forum, and link to it on si-community.
Regarding files, maybe a Dropbox or Google Drive might be the best way to keep the files separated from any forum for easier upgrading?
I see a lot of people doing this.
Another option would be the Orbolt digital asset route. So it's always one location for download.

But any tool in Houdini that would make an easier transition to Houdini at some point -needs- to be posted here as well. ;)



edit: nice UV tool btw :)
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Re: Si-community for all ?

Post by Draise » 13 Oct 2016, 14:58

Or even Github? Like MC_GEAR??

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Re: Si-community for all ?

Post by julca » 14 Oct 2016, 00:13

Hello, thank you for your suggestions !
I will for sure explore your ideas to separate files from any forum for the next time :-bd !

Just a note about Orbolt to store and share digital asset :
I really like the idea of sidefx to allow users to share tool (hda) and it's just indispensable if I want to share my hdalc (Limited Commercial) indie version with the hda "full version" community.
For those which don't know, it internally convert .hdalc file to hda and that's the only way to do this (Houdini user correct me if I'm wrong).

The main drawback of Orbolt is his reactivity : it can take more than two week before take into account a new asset uploaded or just a little bug update !! :!!