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Re: Animation Options

Post by Mathaeus » 23 May 2014, 14:30

Draise wrote: Comparing it to Modo that doesn't even have an animation track system yet, it is a tad up ahead than the others.
imho animation mixer it's not only Blender's huge advantage in that comparison. For me, it's more about soooo much better balance of implemented tools, so much more logical structure in Blender. Looks like Blender's creators had more of tools on the table, but they choose only what fit best into possibilities of their 3d app. While in Modo, there are features that they simply can't afford, regarding the possibly slowest deformation playback between all 3d app - like ooo thing, or 3rd party ikinema solvers. Not best way for keeping the user's confidence, I'd say. I already spent about one month of evenings in times of 601, why I should waste the time again. There are another problems too, like Modo's decomposed interface, animation has to be done in one room, lattice deformer goes in another, modeling revisions in third...

And Blender people seems to already have good results in improving their playback ( while Modo seems to be only around promise for 901)
here's upcoming integration of FBIK solver in Blender, which itself is not new, plugin is rolling for a while. But around 0.40 in video, it shows the new multi-threaded evaluation.
Almost all that is far behind SI or Maya, but, imho nothing in near future, will be able to compete against Blender, in 'king of non AD animation' :) category.
The renderer "turtle" used by this scene, is not currently available. The "turtle" renderer will be used instead.