[ARCHIVED]Community Animation Project! its a go!

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[ARCHIVED]Community Animation Project! its a go!

Post by opentarget » 01 Nov 2009, 15:49

Softimage 2009/10 Community Animation Project!

We are pleased to announce that si-community is ready to commence with the first ever softimage community animation project (CAP), this is to celebrate the launch of the si-community and the recent release of of Softimage 2010.
Our hopes for this project is to build the strength and comradely of the softimage community and to help develop new and existing skills of all the individuals involved.
We will use all the stunning features that Softimage has to offer but bear in mind that not everyone has access to the latest version of the software so will be using many different versions of Softimage and not 2010 exclusively.

It will be a long process but in the end we will have a piece that we will all be very proud of as individual artists and as a part of the larger community.

We have set up a 4 Concept Threads in the Community Animation Project Section of the forums and This is where we are going to get the ideas juices flowing.
What we have decided to do is make four separate threads entitled:
3 words
One sentence
1 Character
In each of these is a set of instructions on how to proceed!

dive in :)