[ARCHIVED]CAP Poll - sort of short

the CAP that never was...

"Orcs" versus "Story"

Poll ended at 16 Sep 2009, 22:32

"Orcs" - technical piece
"Story" - narrative piece
A story about Orcs...
Total votes: 15

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[ARCHIVED]CAP Poll - sort of short

Post by Hirazi Blue » 06 Sep 2009, 22:32

Okay, you decide...
Should the CAP (Community Animation Project, obviously) be a technical or a narrative piece.
To help you in your decision making:
some valid points have been brought up in this thread for both options...

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Re: CAP Poll - sort of short

Post by opentarget » 06 Sep 2009, 23:05

-VOTE- Vote narrative for president -VOTE-

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Re: CAP Poll - sort of short

Post by 3dsergio » 06 Sep 2009, 23:25

me too...
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Re: CAP Poll - sort of short

Post by SimonH » 07 Sep 2009, 12:19

I vote for an orc based aritivie based on an argument as to whether the charge should be performed for technical reasons, in which the formal aspects of the orcish charge become the most important aspects of the charge, an exploration of the charge as charge removing extrainous constraints and letting the charge stand on its own to be apprieciated for its minimalist aesthetic qualities (what Heidegger would have called "the chargeness of the charge"). Or ! whether classicist constraints such as an insipid enemy and overriding plot context and a dark lord intent on world domination are fundemental requirements of a charge and that their absence would leave leave the charge a hollow exercise that, while being impressive visually will lack in emotional content. :)