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Floating Face RigAuthor: FXDude
Floating Face Rig is exactly what it's named - a face rig which operates independently of any character so it can be moved between characters as easily as a volume deformer widget. It uses the concept of PointMagnets - ICE deformers that do something that could be described as a 'local volumetric blend shape' (FXDude plans to release PointMagnets as a separate plugin later).

Be sure to visit the si-community thread - FXDude offers his support to help integrate the floating face rig there.

CookieCutterAuthor: FXDude
FXDude's latest release, a subdivision surface modeling helper: Can cut a target mesh by Scene Object outline, or by Curve Input, while fully supporting getting Sub-D-ed, and outputs a very optimized mesh that remains very managable (without tons of extra subdivs at intersections).

Edge loops are always continuous and easily selectable for post local editing, or to make things like borders. Initially started with Pooby's recent "CutRaycast" method, which was in response to a request from McAxe. Circularize? eat your heart out :)


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Re: Softimage Garage

Post by FXDude » 09 Nov 2017, 06:38

Toonafish wrote:
02 Nov 2017, 13:51
wow, very impressive ! Thanks a lot Dude.
Thanks again! 9)

Also sorry for the delay, (for PointMagnet by itself, and a new easy to apply (and faster) iteration of CookieCutter ... and other things.. )
as I'm on a project right now, but will eventually get back to it.
Stay tuned!