Kizuna AI - Prefinished on Softimage

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Kizuna AI - Prefinished on Softimage

Post by sirdavid32 » 31 Dec 2016, 20:41

Hello everyone. Just a month ago there was an official release from
Who is this new character? Well, in their page (and other news from around the net) they explain they´re trying to use this
avatar as a new emerging Articial Intelligence driven from comments or trends all around the net.
Sounds ludicrous but in either case they have released the mmd model for free, and of course for everything non commercial use.
So I thought of downloading it and share it around here, since it´s got some interesting things you can check out.

Please visit my blog to get full details:
Thanks. :)

Happy 2017!
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Daniel Brassard
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Re: Kizuna AI - Prefinished on Softimage

Post by Daniel Brassard » 03 Jan 2017, 05:00

Thanks David.
$ifndef "Softimage"
set "Softimage" "true"